·         Let your dog be the navigator

o   Letting your dog decide where to go and what to smell can be a great brain workout for your dog


·         Switch your routes up regularly

o   An easy way to make things more interesting or just take a different route each day

o   It doesn’t have to be a drastic switch. Go straight one day, then turn left the next.

o   It also is an opportunity to meet new people and dogs


·         Add the unexpected to your walks

o   The length of the walk isn’t as important as the purpose or goal

o    The same long walk for an energetic dog will not necessarily tire them out

o   Incorporate games into your walk


·         Let them socialize on your walks (Only if they want it)

o   Socialization is very important

o   It’s good to know how your dog is with other people and dogs for the safety of not only your dog and you but other dogs and people

o   Try going to an off-leash dog area to let your dog roam free and interact with other dogs