Do you want to impress guests with how smart your dog is? Does your dog have lots of energy? Are walks and playtime not always enough to burn that excess energy your dog has? January is National Train Your Dog Month and a good time to review your dog’s training skills. Whether it’s to learn new tricks or improve existing trouble spots, you can start with simple tricks like shake, high five and lay down or go for something more advanced to help burn excess energy like running on a treadmill. 

Below are the many reasons why training your dog is beneficial to the both of you and your dog:

• Training improves the bond between pet and owner. It allows dogs and people to build trust and mutual respect, thus ensuring a harmonious relationship.

• It allows you to spend more time with your pet. Training shouldn’t be work – it should be a fun way to get to know your dog!

• Training can eliminate behavioral issues, such as barking, digging, chewing, jumping on guests and territorial marking.

• Proper training enhances safety. In a worst-case scenario, training can ensure your dog heeds your calls to return when off the leash or refrain from eating or touching something dangerous.

Simple commands like sit, shake, high five or rollover are tricks you can do yourself. If the treadmill is something you’re interested in doing for your dog, researching dog trainers in your area would be a good idea.

With consistency, well-timed praise and rewards, a level head, lots of practice, and the guidance of an experienced dog-training professional, you and your pooch will learn and grow all year long.  The relationship you build will last a lifetime!