While humans like to watch the 4th of July fireworks, many dogs get scared when they happen.

Some reasons your furry canine friend gets scared during fireworks are:

·         Fireworks are loud

·         They’re unpredictable

·         Dogs view fireworks as a threat

·         They make dogs feel trapped

Some ways to help your dog get through the fireworks display are:

·         Go for a long walk or play with friends to tire him out

·         Schedule potty time before the fireworks start

·         Keep your dog distracted during the fireworks with an enrichment toy

o   Fill Kong

o   Give a LickiMat frozen with peanut butter

o   Feed special treat

o   distract by having them do tricks

·         Muffle the noise with something else like a white noise machine or music

o   If his safe zone is his crate, cover it with a thick blanket and play music to help lessen the sound

·         Use a dog anxiety vest (like a thunder shirt)

·         Comfort your dog

o   You may have heard comforting your dog in times of stress can reinforce the behavior, but your dog’s reaction to fireworks is a real fear. Providing comfort during this time is appropriate and often helpful.

o   Sitting close to your dog, petting him and offering quiet words can help to center your dog.